XFactory team creates advanced portals which are satisfying demands of users. Our solutions in portal development include following areas: Earning from Google Adsense (Adsense portal), Blogs & Personal website , Business presentations and promotions, Online stores, Property portal development, Custom Web Application development and Online Marketing Products, bringing together all offers in the chosen industry. These solutions are available for application or adaptation in a wide range of needs: sports, media, science, technology, fashion, health, vehicles, real estate, tourism, etc.

Store XFactory
PROMOTION You have a product or a service you wish to sell online? Store XFactory website version allows you to have one or more online shops controlled solely by you. Built-in SEO optimization and Supported the newest type of sales, to get your product to pop up on web searches. Easy to use.  
Create a Business website
NEW Business XFactory portal allows you to present your business activities online and makes your company an authority in chosen field of expertise. The moment you get an idea to start campaign, you can present this by using Business XFactory portal. Quality website development services of Business XFactory portal, save time, they are failure-proof, easy to use and cost-effective.  
What is XFactory
In this article you can watch short YouTube video explaining essential elements of XFactory web portals. It will briefly explain how Xfactory webportals work, what are their advantages and why they are superior compared to Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. It will also represent a variety of multimedia possibilities XFactory portals have in webpage presentation and all these created by users without any special design expertise.  
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Whose is responsible for SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) ?
On this question the majority owner of the web sites corresponding to the following: "Of course it's a task that web developers when they make web page, it must be SEO optimized to achieve a better ranking on the Google hit list". So, we will ansver on question: Whose task is Search Engine Optimizations.  
Forum SEO Whose task is Search Engine Optimizations
Julija komerc
Give meaning to your ideas
Power point presentations in XFactory portals
Power point is great way to your presentation become slide show. Now in XFactory portal, one click and you get online slide show. Animate your public.  
Forum INTERNET WORK INTERNET JOB Power point presentations in XFactory portals
Make your presentation more attractive
Sway in XFactory portal
LATEST This is new way to promote your ideas. New tool for attractive online presentation. One click and sway becomes part of XFactory portal.  
Excel where and when you need
Excel tables and charts inside XFactory portals
LATEST Become productive and share your spreadsheets. Excel tables and charts becomes part of XFacory portal. Anybody can see your work online and from any device.  
Forum INTERNET WORK ONLINE BUSINESS Excel tables and charts inside XFactory portals
Project Management Tool
LATEST Project Management Tool is role based, online portal that allows all employees to make suggestions on improvements on both their own work and overall company development using multimedia. Project Management Tool tracks timings of development phases and invested time. It can be used in any company to make the employees creative and innovative.  
Store PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Management Tool
Create a personal website as career catalyst, make a website blog
PROMOTION XFactory Personal portal allows you to make a website blog or create a personal website to boost your career and all this by use of elemental (amateur) computer knowledge. Discover XFactory simplicity and many potentials by simply adding texts, images, youtube videos, PDF documents, etc...and all this in just a minute. Personal XFactory portal is the perfect solution for professionals in any field of expertise.  
Store WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Create a personal website as career catalyst, make a website blog
Seo manager
260 $/year
LATEST Seo Manager is an online application that keep results of SEO analysis for all your sites in one place. This is a step by step process, which takes Seo manager and tells you what to do, recommend you which tools to use. The point of the story is a complete seo analysis of the website, done in a day or two and then do not think about it, but just pick a topic, refer to the related keywords and write.  
Store SEO SERVICES Seo manager
Adsense site that makes adsense ads
0 $/year
PROMOTION Here's how you can make money online. We offer free XFactory Adsense portal that makes adsense ads. Adsense website is very easy to use and will make the authority in an area on the Internet. The project works in partnership with Google and and bring you income of over $100 a day. Reach Business Partnership Agreement with us, and immediately start working. With Adsense portal and our support expect maximum results.  
Store WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Adsense site that makes adsense ads
Custom web application development
XFactory offers Custom Web Application Development Services, Web Development, Portal development, eCommerce Development, CMS Applications. Web application development company XFactory made Business Pro portal an excellent platform for developing web applications and Portals Development. Take advantage of our content management and rely on it your business.  
Store WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Custom web application development
Property portal development
We make the most powerful Property portal development on the market. Every property can be represented in the best way and it looks different, unique and special. A large number of agencies and users are able to participate in the content creation, so the portal is growing fast. This is an advanced level of property website development. See an example on  
Store WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Property portal development
Marketing Products XFactory
NEW You don’t have product or service you wish to sell online, but you still want to engage in online sales? To integrate all relevant stores on the market and getting a percent of sales and earning from Google ads. Easy to use. No coding necessary.  
XFactory is a professional portal development and web aplication development company. Our portfolio includes work for a wide variety of clients, including businesses, wholesale, stores, nonprofit organizations, associations, foundations and real estate companies. View a sample of our portfolio below.  
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How to make multimedia presentation in one minute
This video explanation shows how easy is to use XFactory portal and make full multimedia presentation in just one minute. XFactory supports formats like: formatted text, images, two parallel images, text with images inside, youtube videos, LIVE PDF catalogues and files, LIVE Power Point files, SWF Flash files and games, Google Maps, Google Ads, etc.  
Main menu HOW TO USE PORTAL How to make multimedia presentation in one minute
Make multimedia for web in a minute
Thanks to the XFactory portal that allows you to create different types of web content, it is easy to create a multimedia web presentation for either personal or business purposes without a any knowledge of coding. You can include: text, images, two images side by side, youtube video, text with images, Google maps, Flash animations, Pdf files, rich text and files for downoad.  
Main menu HOW TO USE PORTAL Make multimedia for web in a minute
XFactory vs Wordpress
Benefits of XFactory portal compared to Wordpress CMS.  
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