Adsense site that makes adsense ads

PROMOTION Here's how you can make money online. We offer free XFactory Adsense portal that makes adsense ads. Adsense website is very easy to use and will make the authority in an area on the Internet. The project works in partnership with Google and and bring you income of over $100 a day. Reach Business Partnership Agreement with us, and immediately start working. With Adsense portal and our support expect maximum results.


PurposeXFactory portalManage authoritative site in your area of expertise which generating Google Adsense
Included in the priceWeb hosting on powerful servers in USAYes, unlimited data transfer and number of pages 25€/year .net .org - 10€/year, or Domain name transfer
A professional web designYes, we provide. Here are some examples
Logo designYes, Here are some examples of our designers
Setting up the application and the database serverYes, we provide
Portal maintenance99.9% Site Uptime
Advice and SupportYes, we provide
Site E-mailYes, Email by domain name
Web storeSelling goodsYou can integrate all relevant stores on the market and getting a percentage of sales


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How to earn money as Adsense blogger

Here's how to make money online as Adsense blogger. If people buy goods or services then they will start from google search. A large number of small, medium and large companies pay Google to make it easier to reach customers on the Internet and bring them to their website. Companies pay Google with a few dollars to several million dollars per month. You can also get a share of this money from Google. If your website displays Google Adsense ads, you’ll earn from a few to tens of thousands of dollars.

We have a solution to that, without investment, your Google income is much closer to this larger figure. We offer free XFactory Adsense portal (adsense site), very easy to use, which will make you an authority in the field of your expertise. We will give you also a SEO project. Enter Into a Business Partnership Agreement with us, and you immediately start work. With Adsense site and our support expect maximum results.


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Profit concept - how to make maoney with Google Adsense ads

  1. Select an area you know, or you are interested. For example, an area of expertise that you have studied, or the work you do, or one of your hobbies: music, film, technical devices, real estate, automobiles, travel, pets ...
  2. Enter Into a Business Partnership Agreement with us and you'll get free Adsense site (Adsense portal). Adsense portal will be set according to your chosen topic site, and all keywords, divided by your categories, which will guide you in writing texts.
  3. You will begin to write texts in your the field of your expertise as Adsense blogger. 30 page size as this is enough to start earning from Google Adsense ads
  4. Within the text of your presentation will display Google Adsense ads. Adsense ads shall be inserted easily through the control panel of Adsense site.
  5. Adsense portlal any of your web pages appears as a separate site on Google and on Google searches you will achieve great results.
  6. AdSense portal will attract new customers from Google and they can write for your portal. In their contents you also insert Google ads.
  7. Adsense portlal will make you an authority in field of your expertise on the Internet.
  8. Later you more monitor what other people are doing, do the seo for increased earnings, and less write.
  9. As a result you will get earnings from Google Adsense ads that can reach over 100$ per day.
  10. When someone clicks on an ad that is generated within your text, Google earnings per click is a 0.7 - 43$. You just need to provide interesting articles and to comply with our instructions.

Products marketing - another way to make money from Google Adsense

You can choose products or service marketing in some region (Examples: Cosmetics in Sydney, Abu Dhabi Furniture, Jewelry New York, televisions London, Liverpool Estate, Furniture in Toronto ...). You specify the product description and shops where people can buy and at what price. In the description of these products Adsense sitr makes Google Adsense ads, from which you get money. You can make money on the percentage of goods sold, if you enter into an agreement with retailers. Adsense site Automatically sends an email with orders to the site owner, to the store receipt and to the customer. Each store has access to their orders and their products.

All this can be realized through the AdSense site that we offer. All the shops in the market you can set up yourself, but the store also can adjust their prices and insert articles. These are special users of your adsense site.

Adsense portal (Adsense site), what is it and what do you get with it

Adsense portal is an advanced Adsense website, which enables you to create, edit and delete content from any computer, tablet or phone without any knowledge of coding or web design. Here's what Adsense blogger get with it:

  • Multimedia forum. The most modern form of forum that allows users to create multimedia content: text, images, Youtube, Flash, PDF files, files for downloading, Google Maps, slide show... You have full control over registered users and material to be published.
  • In the header of Adsense portal is animation, which displays animated images and text from the actual page.
  • Tabular display. Sometimes Adsense blogger need to display some specifications that make it easier to compare something.
  • Profile, messages and sites for your users. Each registered user XFactory portal has a profile, get a home page which presents also can have an unlimited number of pages within your website. Users can also share personal messages and socialize through the portal.
  • reviews and reports of inappropriate content
  • Each topic can be links back to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Excellent search within the portal
  • A lot of navigation menus allowing users to navigate through the content Adsense site. You have the main menu, Forum, FAQ, Top users menu. If you have chosen product marketing as the theme you'll get menu with items and menu with shops
  • Adsense portal is designed so that you can have thousands of pages, and they can still be easily accessed by everyone. It is designed so that always displays the most current content and themes can continue
  • Here's how to make money online without much effort. Over time, you'll be less involved as a writer, you'll control what other people write in forum. In their contents you'll also insert Google ads and you'll take care how to increase your google earnings

All portal management is controled by CMS control panel:

No knowledge of coding you do not need to work on Adsense XFactory portal. Easy to use. No coding skills necessary. Simply start creating your Adsense site with with just a few clicks.
Through the control panel implemented the portal, Adsense blogger can change the content of all elements:

  • Categories from the main menu, Forum, Store, FAQ menu
  • Article management
  • Content of each store, the prices of items for each store and units
  • Banners management, user management, table of specifications, protection against abuse.

Reach Business Partnership Agreement with us

Create 50/50 Partnership Agreement with us and we'll share profit from Google Adsense ads. You will be the owner of the Google account to which the money lie, and we are the owners of website. Here's how would look like our cooperation:

  • We'll give you a free web design and logo design according to the theme you have chosen and the colors you love
  • Get a free Adsense portal from us
  • We'll give you a free SEO analysis of your selected theme in Seo Manager, our Web application. Seo SEO project consists of: your portal SEO category names and keywords by category, which will give you an idea of what to write. Because of this you will increase your Google earnings.
  • Free training advice and support on using the portal, methods on how to bring more visitors to your XFactory adsense site, training to Increase Google earnings
  • We will set up application and database server so that you can immediately start work
  • We will order the best domain name (website address) and hosting (strong server that works Adsense portal) in USA. When we all do, these costs 50 $ a year for dedicated servers and domain. You have no additional cost.
  • You make articles and write their content. In this textual content of articles will be inserted Google Adsense ads. See how you easily create multimedia presentation on XFactory Adsense site and how great the web page looks like .

Requirements needed to work as an Adsense blogger

  1. Good knowledge of the English language
  2. Elementary computer skills
  3. Self-discipline and thoroughness
  4. Internet connections
Note: Adsense blogger can be your main job (if you are unemployed) or additional work. Working time is determined by you. We will help you with everything, but it is important that you have a desire to learn how to achieve high attendance of your pages. It is also important to work properly with our instructions, because there are things that Google penalized by lowering the rating and by subtracting your income.