Create a personal website as career catalyst, make a website blog

PROMOTION XFactory Personal portal allows you to make a website blog or create a personal website to boost your career and all this by use of elemental (amateur) computer knowledge. Discover XFactory simplicity and many potentials by simply adding texts, images, youtube videos, PDF documents, etc...and all this in just a minute. Personal XFactory portal is the perfect solution for professionals in any field of expertise.


PurposeXFactory portalCreate a personal website, or make a website blog
Included in the priceWeb hosting on powerful servers in USAYes, unlimited bandwidth and the number of pages included in the price
Domain. com. net, included in the price
A professional web designYes we provide. Here are some examples
Logo designYes, Here are some examples of our designer
Setting up the application and the database serverYes we provide.
Portal maintenanceYes we provide. 99.9% Site Uptime
Advice and SupportYes
Site E-mailYes, Email by domain name


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Make a Website Blog or create a Personal Website - Simple & Easy

XFactory Personal portal allows you to make a website blog or create a personal website to boost your career and all this by use of elemental (amateur) computer knowledge. Discover XFactory simplicity and many potentials by simply adding texts, images, youtube videos, PDF documents, flash animations, slide shows, google maps and many other contents ... and all this in just a minute. It will present your professional profile as best as possible. Personal XFactory portal is the perfect solution for artists, public figures, engineers and even freelancers in any field of expertise.

XFactory Personal is perfect for creating an online multimedia content about youself or your activities, experience, education and knowledge or if you want to run your own blog about any topic, you do not need to know coding and web design. With PERSONAL XFactory portal, simply start your presentation with a few clicks.

We want you to love your website and everything you need to make it real, XFactory has implemented inside it's Content Management System. No matter who you are or what you want to achieve with your website, PERSONAL XFactory portal will be flexible as you are. Create and edit content along the way without any additional software or IT professional knowledge.

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Google, Bing and other search engines like Personal XFactory portal

Pop-out at the top of Google search results and make your website blog successful. Create a personal website that will successfully bring visitors to your pages.
Your website needs good looking and design, but also needs to be found in bunch of other websites within the same topic. Just creating a website blog or personal website, will not bring visitor automatically. "Good looking" websites with astonishing web design exhibitions do not bring visitors. With millions web sites on the internet, you need something that will attract visitors to your website, webportal or blog. You need Personal XFactory portal.

Personal XFactory portal has a built-in SEO optimization and it can bring many visitors to see pages of your website. For the best results, and superior optimization, you can to explore the results of the SEO analysis where our special built in software SEO MANAGER will help you.
Very important advantage of Personal XFactory portal is that every page you create, Google search results recognizes as a separate website.

Manage your personal website using control panel & without additional tools

You do not need any knowledge of coding and web design to work on Personal XFactory portal. Simply start your presentation with few clicks. With control panel implemented in the portal, you can create, edit, delete, move all content elements:

  • Categories from the main menu, the Forum, the FAQ menu
  • Articles and content management. The content of your presentation (page) can be: text, images, text and images, YouTube videos, Google Maps, Flash Animations, Slide Show (live Power Point presentations), live PDF documents, files for downloading ...
  • Management of: users, banners, user comments, tables with specifications, etc.

All things included when you buy Personal XFactory portal:

  • We register domain name and provide web hosting of your website. With other web development companies you hosting web site for 50 - 100 $ / year and register a domain name for about 15 $ / year. With Personal XFactory portal for a little more money you get excellent web hosting on powerful USA servers, web design, possibility to: insert, modify or delete content of your website and built-in SEO Optimization.
  • Training and technical assistance in using the portals as well as the methods of how to bring more visitors to your Personal XFactory portal.
  • Many navigation menus that help users to navigate content of your website: Horizontal main menu, you can have another side bar menu (personal website) or forum (website blog), and FAQ menu. Blogs can have Users Ranking menu where they are ranked in relation to their activity on the portal and frequency of accessing their profile and presentations.
  • We'll make arrangements and see what you'd like for design elements (logo, colors, backgrounds) of your website. Whether you make a website blog or create a personal website, you will get unique design. See our portfolio
  • The header of the portal is always animated display of the actual page contents. This is an attractive way to display images and text depending on where you are on the portal. Forget about static flash animations and gif images that always display the same rotating visuals, that are memory consuming and unoptimized for fast load.
  • Display specifications of products or services through the tables.
  • Each topic can be links back to social networks: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Any terms typed into a search engine portal can easily be found.

Users of your website can participate in making blog content:

  • Personal XFactory Multimedia forum allows logged users to set up multimedia content: text, images in all sizes, Youtube videos, Flash videos and presentations, live PDF files, files for downloading, slide shows (Live Power Point presentations), google maps, etc. You have full control over registered users and materials they are trying to publish. The focus is always on the new content and some existing article can be continued at any time. The latest articles are always displayed as the first on home page and the first in its category. This is a parameter is adjustable so you can set some specific articles to have priority in homepage layout display.
  • Each registered user of your future Personal Xfactory portal has a profile, gets his main page which presents him or has his presentation. Registered users can have unlimited number of pages within portal, but also they can share personal messages and socialize through the your Personal XFactory portal.
  • Users of XFactory portal can comment any specific page, article or content and also they can report what is inappropriate.

Easily connect to other websites and increase Google ranking

External links are the most important element of SEO optimization. Google increases the rating of your site if it has links to other websites (backlinking). It's like other websites vote for your website. When you exchange banners with other website, in both sites ratings grow in Google search.

Therefore, all XFactory portals are connected to each other and give voices to your future website. Banners on XFactory portal have possibility to load new advertisements (you inserted through control panel) on every visitor click or page refresh. It is possible to rotate unlimited number of advertisements and it does not overload the content of your Personal portal. You have the flexibility to easily exchange banners and links to other websites.