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XFactory offers Custom Web Application Development Services, Web Development, Portal development, eCommerce Development, CMS Applications. Web application development company XFactory made Business Pro portal an excellent platform for developing web applications and Portals Development. Take advantage of our content management and rely on it your business.


PurposeXFactory portalFor the specific needs of your business. Excellent platform for the development and expansion of your business on internet
Included in the priceWeb hosting on powerful servers in USAYes, unlimited bandwidth and the number of pages included in the price
Domain. com. net, included in the price
A professional web designYes we provide. Here are some examples
Logo designYes, Here are some examples of our designer
Setting up the application and the database serverYes we provide.
Portal maintenanceYes we provide. 99.9% Site Uptime
Advice and SupportYes
Site E-mailYes, Email by domain name
Web storeSelling goodsYes, if Your business requires
Support for multiple storesYes, if Your business requires


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XFactory made a Business Pro portal that can easily be adapted to requirements of your business

If you have special needs in the work you do (tourism, sports betting, learning, administration, specific types of sales, etc.), web application development company XFactory made Business Pro portal. Business Pro portal is a great platform for custom web application development and expansion of your business on the Internet. Business Pro XFactory is a portal that can be customized to your needs and we can add new features and to it. The best example of this is our SEO manager web application that organizes SEO results and Property portal. Custom web application development with databases is time-consuming and expensive proces. Save money, time and nerves for development from scratch. Our portal offers an easy start to create and edit multimedia content, built-in SEO optimization, internet sales, a large number of user menu (navigation menu, Forum, multiple stores, FAQ ...), social networking integration, support a large number of users to have their media content, user profiles and presentations, and more.


WEB SITES Portals Development, web application company 279

Public and Enterprise portals

We are web application development company and custom web application development and Portals Development is an area where we have many years of experience. Our expertise enables us to develop web applications that combine information access and distribution of content and associates with full control of data and data sharing with social networks.

Portals can be divided into two main groups: Public and Enterprise portals. They combine data sources, content and applications in one place and make them available to users depending on their roles in the business process.

WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY We are Web portal development company 279
WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY We are Web portal development company 279

Public portals development Creating includes the collection, processing of data and presentation of the data to the public. Public portals must meet certain requirements related to field of their interest, such as: advanced search option, voting, comments, internet sales, share content with social networking, downloading content. Busines XFactory Pro is a very cost effective solution for schools, community centers, municipal and city administration.
Enterprise portals development accelerate business processes and ensure information sharing in the corporate environment. Enterprajs portals enable project management, teamwork, and facilitate decision making. May be related to the data sources and present information to the employees depending on their role in the company. Some part of Enterprise portal may be visible to external users and partners.

Business Pro portal Portal Platform offers a lot and includes custom web application development:

  • A powerful control panel to manage portal content for multiple users. Everything is divided into menus, main categories, sub-categories, themes, sub-themes, blocks of subtitles and the multimedia. Everything can be changed and moved after insertion.
  • You do not need any additional tool, you can work from any computer, tablet or phone that has internet access.
  • Multimedia content for insertion can be text, pictures of all sizes, Youtube videos, Flash animations, PDF files, text with styles, Google Maps, File Download ... You have full control over registered users and material to be published.
  • Modern forum that allows all logged users posting multimedia content and have complete control over their content
  • The focus of the portal is always new content and article can be continued.
  • Many additional menus that make it easy to navigate through the portal, and allow Google indexing. You will get this menus: The main menu where only admins upload content, store with items if you have them, menu with stores - if you have multiple stores, FAQ menu and Ranged users menu. In Ranged users menu users are ranked in relation to their activity on the potral and and provides access to their presentations and profile
  • XFactory also provide great web hositng on USA servers and domain registration
  • To get the Google rating, it is essential that you can link to other sites. Because Business Portal Pro has 6 banner, which changes ads after each click. These ads are very easy to insert or change from the control panel. You can display a huge number of commercials, and they do not burden the site content.
  • Training and technical support for using portal and methods of how to bring more visitors to the Business Pro portal is provided by XFactory - Web application development company
  • We will explore your current website and find the most efficient way to transfer the content that you in Business PRO portal.
  • In the portal header is always animated display the actual contents of the page. This is an attractive way to display images and text depending on where you are on the website
  • Every registered user of Business Pro Portal has a profile, it has a main page which presents also can have an unlimited number of pages within your website. Users can also share personal messages and socialize through the portal.
  • Each registered user receives Business Pro portal: his own profile, his own main page (like own website), where can presents himself with unlimited number of pages within your portal. Users can also share personal messages and socialize through the portal.
  • Display specifications of products or services through the table.
  • Web portal design and colors according to your request is provided by XFactory Web application development company
  • Busines Pro Portal users are able to: continue page content, comment on content of pages, report inappropriate content and they can link any page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Search within the portal
  • And at the all this we can add custom web application development to expansion your business on the Internet

XFactory portals Provide the sales of your products and services via the Internet

If you have the products and services you want to offer online Business Pro portal allows you to have one or more online store under your control. All this is provided with incredible ease of use, no coding necessary. Simply place your items and add them price in a few clicks. It is possible to associate your desktop application to Busines Pro portal, so data is entered only once. Here's what our Web application development company already have to offer about selling:

  • built-in SEO optimization so that your products and services are easily found online. Each page of our portal XFactory Pro shows up in searches as a separate site.
  • customer can perform on-line ordering of goods from one or more of your stores. Portal automatically sends an email to order the site owner, and the store receipt to the customer and have access to all the orders of the store.
  • Management and review of all transactions.
  • Each store has access to their orders and their products. All this can be realized through the Business Pro portal that XFactory - Web application development company offer. All the shops in the market can lead themselves, but can also go the store, or the specific users of your website.
  • And at the all this we can add custom web application development to adapt sale on the Internet your needs

Make web applications and portals with XFactory, Web application development company

Sometimes is necessary for custom web application development to spend months and years of work. Calculate how much it will cost you to pay for a team of programmers and designers for a year. Custom web application development from scratch can be full of bugs and unreliable. Web applications with XFactory web application development company is a winning combination. Our long experience in this field guarantees the quality, speed and reliability of ordered applications.