XFactory vs Wordpress

Benefits of XFactory portal compared to Wordpress CMS.

Blog vs Portal

WordPress is a CMS (system for managing web sites) designed for bloggers. It's made for user or administrator (blogger) who is publishing content in web pages.

XFactory portal can use more administrators (with different roles) and a large number of users who can independently set multimedia content in the forum, order from stores, communicate with each other and ask questions in FAQ section.

Why complicating when you can simplify

Wordpress blogging tool which is based on PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS web technologies requires user basic knowledge of these technologies to make even the simpliest pages and sites.

XFactory portal based on ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL, CSS, HTML, J and jQuery technologies,does NOT REQUIRE any knowledge of these programms. How this is possible? Well it is because XFactory portal has administrative panel, which is very intuitive and easy to use. With a basic knowledge in use of computers, you can instantly write, insert and optimize content for your site.

Unstable vs optimized

Wordpress CMS supports large number of plug-ins that extend his capabilities. But unfortunately, because of these frequent updates of the program, plug-ins behave unstable and unpredictable.

XFactory portals are already optimized for all user demands in various fields: business, publishing, sales and goods supply markets.

Wordpress Ninja programmer or XFactory intervention team

Let's assume that user wants customizing of Wordpress CMS. For that he must be able to handle advanced programming and be willing to browse through endless lines of code, which are not always where you expect them to be.

If user has some further adjustments of XFactory portal and wants special changes that will satisfy particular need or activity in his portal, XFactory team can meet all these requests.

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